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- 8-part
- Incl. air wrench
- Incl. tire inflation gun
- Incl. air dust gun
- Socket Ø: 15/17/19/21 mm

This 8-piece high-quality compressed air set is versatile and has all the tools for a hassle-free tire change and inflation. Due to its easy handling and its compatibility with most conventional compressors up to 8 bar, it is suitable for private use as well as for use in professional workshops.

Thanks to 4 sockets, the air wrench is compatible with almost all tire types and is, therefore, the optimal choice if you want to replace, attach and remove tires on your own. After tire change, you can quickly and easily fill tires , using the tire inflation gun with a pressure gauge. The latter is also applicable for bicycle tires, balls, boats and air mattresses with the corresponding adapters (not included in this set).

The air dust gun with a short nozzle is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach workpieces with compressed air. The supplied 10m air hose facilitates the work with the tools as it does not obstruct your movements during tire repairs.

The set includes:

- 1 x 10m flexible air hose
- 1 x tire inflation gun with pressure gauge
- 1 x air dust gun with short nozzle
- 1 x air wrench 1.27 cm (½ ")
- 1 x socket Ø 15 mm
- 1 x socket Ø 17 mm
- 1 x socket Ø 19 mm

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